• Jane Catherine

Orange leaves

There's something magical about new beginnings. This sprung to mind as I noticed the fallen leaves around my street just the other day. For me, the year 2020 has been a difficult time one of feeling stuck and isolated from friends and family. Things that I normally like to do as "my time" had been put on hold. Similar to many people, I had been waiting for an ending to this misery of uncertainty, but unfortunately it never arrived. I was left with an empty feeling 'when will this awful nightmare end'? this feeling of groundhog day, an endless yearning for normality that never seemed to arrive.

But, those orange leaves around my feet gave me hope. For once I realised the importance of the changes in the seasons. That as life seemed an endless peril of beautiful sunshine but despair alongside it, autumn reminded me there is an ending; a new wave on it's way to remind me of new beginnings. One of beautiful colours, cosy nights, hot chocolate and pretty lights that will soon to be hanging in my living room as the new season approaches. Yes the seasonal change brought me hope, where nothing else did.

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